About Us

The River Alliance is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help the regional community become more engaged with the Broad, Saluda and Congaree Rivers by making the rivers accessible to everyone while keeping them protected.

The River Alliance is governed by a Board of Directors. Each Board member brings unique assets and strengths to our organization. Their main goals include:

  • Creating ADA-compliant walkways along the riverbanks
  • Establishing facilities for activities on the riverfront
  • Preserving and conserving the natural environment and the health of the watershed
  • Improving recreational opportunities both on and off the rivers
  • Promoting and assisting in smart development of the downtown riverfront areas
  • Enhancing and creating economic opportunities focused on the rivers
  • Increasing awareness of the area’s heritage and culture

For decades, Columbia’s rivers were seen as dividing lines between cities and counties.  In 1994, the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce along with the Cities of Columbia, Cayce and West Columbia as well as Richland and Lexington Counties began to look at what the Midland’s over 90 miles of river could be. They saw a need for a dedicated organization that could provide to the community the benefits of our rivers, and The River Alliance was formed.

The River Alliance has created a community plan based on the dreams of thousands of our citizens. The organization is uniquely involved in the goals of protecting the region’s rivers, creating public river access and providing positive benefits to the surrounding communities. The Three Rivers Greenway; the Congaree National Park access and the Visitors Center; the Broad River Blueway; and the concurrent economic activity along the riverfront are the result of The River Alliance’s vision and direct action.

The River Alliance is a 501 c(3) non-profit public sector/private sector partnership, incorporated in 1995 as a South Carolina Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation. If you are interested in supporting the River Alliance’s efforts by making a monetary donation, please contribute online or contact us at (803) 765-2200.